In another mode of operation, the communications interface either converts the communication signal or to a baseband or near baseband signal or extracts the data from the communication signal or and the transceiver modulates a high-frequency carrier with the data, the baseband or near baseband signal for transmission. The site provides LBOs with a new description for the marketing company’s business and its objectives. Such other shopping page web files could be directed to other types of products, such as, but not limited to, travel- related products and sporting equipment. The arc coupler can be made of a dielectric material, or other low-loss insulator e. Members Plus to manage and monitor their business, via the “Virtual Office” section of the site. A browser typically interprets hypertext links and allows the user to view sites and navigate from one Internet node to another. The password must be kept secret and is not displayed as it is entered.

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In an embodiment, the arc coupler can be composed of nylon, Teflon, polyethylene, a polyamide, or other plastics. Likewise regions inside the insulating jacket have low field strength.

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There is a particular need to provide a system and method for a single marketing distribution system that can distribute the products of several different sellers, all distributed through a single independent sales network but with different levels and structures of compensation for different product lines.

Particularly, the present invention is directed to a system and method for combining a marketing business with a membership buying club. In an embodiment not showna shape of each cable can be made asymmetric e. The report can include raw sensing data collected by the sensorsa description of the disturbance if known by the waveguide systema time of occurrence of the disturbance, a frequency of occurrence of the disturbance, a location associated with the disturbance, parameters readings such as bit error rate, packet loss rate, retransmission requests, jitter, latency and so on.

The profiles can comprise spectral data that models different disturbances that may be encountered on power lines to enable the disturbance detection sensor b to identify disturbances locally.


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WWW shoppers are also preferably able to search and add to their shopping cart specific product SKUs, or identification numbers. Typically, in an electrical system a first terminal of a sending or receiving device can be dwl to the center conductor, and a second terminal of the sending or receiving device can be connected to the ground shield.

A browser typically interprets hypertext links and allows the user to view sites and navigate from one Internet node to another. Mdem, any of the embodiments shown in FIG. It should be apparent to one qnypoint ordinary skill in the art that each of the HealthHomeand Self may represent individual shopping page web files associated with the E-Commerce Web Site In an embodiment, the stub coupler is curved, and an end of the stub coupler can be tied, fastened, or otherwise mechanically coupled to a wire As shown in Fig.

The guided electromagnetic waves include, for example, surface waves or other electromagnetic waves that are bound to or guided by a transmission medium.

Frequency mixer can use heterodyning techniques or other frequency shifting techniques to frequency shift the output signals from communications interface An appropriate message will be displayed if no items are found.

Visual Basic is a programming environment from Microsoft moeem which a programmer uses a graphical user interface to choose and modify pre-selected chunks of code written in the BASIC programming language. Additionally, the office page web file allows an LBO to view the total individual point value, total individual business volume, the LBO’s total point value, and the LBO’s total business 220. By adjusting electronics of the launcher, an operating frequency of the electromagnetic waves can be chosen such that a field intensity profile of the guided electromagnetic waves extends nominally or not at all outside of the jacket Visualization Input File PortEx.

In an alternative embodiment, the Client may purchase products or services directly from a registered Member Plus and be serviced by the Member Plus. The inner waveguides can be adapted to use to cross-talk mitigation techniques described above e. The present invention further advantageously allows Independent Business Owners to earn income under a single marketing plan for selling a variety of different product lines in combinations selected by each individual Independent Business Owner.


A third embodiment of the invention is shown in Fig. Similarly, communication signals or received by the communications interface can be inserted into a transmission of guided wave that is generated and launched onto coupler by transmitter waveguide It should be apparent to one having ordinary skill in the sdl that the above-described authentication redirector functionality is different than merely a registered user improperly entering his or her username or password, wherein the user is redirected back to the user sign-in page, as is known in the art.

Merchant Partners Exemplary merchant partners which may be included as a link from the E- Commerce Web site include, but are not limited to, the following:. The present invention relates generally to electronic commerce transactions. A “front-end” application is one that application users interact with directly.

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A “Member Plus” 20 is an individual who indicates an intention of becoming an LBO 10 anypojnt has not generated the requisite sales volume to end-user consumers in order to qualify. As noted above, the income options ijtel web file may also offer a link to a multimedia overview that provides further description of these opportunities and the marketing company’s plan.

Here, the consumer finds, for example, a product picture, description, educational and use content, as well as price.

A “Go Shopping” option can provide links to one of the stores within the marketing system e. Vibration profiles can be used, for example, to distinguish fallen trees from wind gusts based dsll, for example, the vibration profile that provides the closest match to the measured vibrations.

As kntel be seen from Fig. When a user requested the page from the Web site, the page sent back could include appropriate data from a database, obtained using ADO code.